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We’re changing the lives of Australian veterans

Glen Powys founded tech2 in 1998 as a former Australian Army Infantry Officer. Fast forward to 2017. Transitioning Australian veterans into civilian jobs is just as important – especially as there are now 5,500 of them each year.

Recent statistics show the transition is challenging for many veterans. In Australia, 23 per cent are unemployed and 19 per cent under-employed post discharge (statistics provided by With You With Me). tech2 is in the business of coming up with forward thinking solutions, and Project Resolve stepped into the gap as a great idea.

A gateway to opportunity

Project Resolve is unique in how it connects Australian veterans with the private sector. tech2 partners with recruitment specialists WithYouWithMe, who provide initial testing, soft skilling and fund pre-employment training. Trainees then enter a 10 week comprehensive field training program with tech2 and are launched into their new careers within months.

Australian veterans are being offered long term opportunities to re-enter civilian life and overcome other difficulties. tech2 offers induction, safety training, client specific training, on-the-job training and assistance with setting up a business as a subcontractor.

Supporting business growth

tech2 has offered extra support to the nbn and major partners such as Lendlease, Tata Consultancy Services and Fulton Hogan. The demand has never been greater in the AV space, supporting LG, Samsung, JB Hifi, Bing Lee and Harvey Norman.

Transforming a nation

tech2’s veteran training programs are taking place in nearly every Australian capital city. The common sense of purpose is to deliver outstanding results and extensive in-field support helps accelerate their capabilities. It seems Project Resolve may drive impressive results for years to come!

Project Resolve

There’s a growing need to recruit and train workers to build telecommunications across Australia. If you’re a veteran you might be a great fit.