Appliance installation

  • We’ll unbox your new appliance, disconnect and remove the old unit (if applicable) and clean the area before we install the new one.
  • We connect your appliance to power, as well as gas and water (if applicable).
  • Your installation may involve some cabinetry adjustments or retrofitting and we’ll provide a quote before undertaking this work.
  • Our technician will make sure everything is working as it should and provide a brief demonstration of the main features of your appliance.
Connected and tested Your appliance connected to electricity, gas, water
Neat professional install We’ll safely set up your gear and remove the packaging
How-to demo We’ll show you the basics when the job is done


Yes. We will connect your dishwasher to the existing drain hose and power as part of the service. Our appliance installation specialists can take care of any extra work as needed, such as creating new electrical connections for an additional cost. Before we start the job you’ll be quoted on the final cost so there’s no surprises.

We install all major brands, whether you’ve got an LG, Samsung, Fisher & Paykel or something else. Feel free get in touch with our friendly team and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about what’s possible! 

On the day of your appliance installation we will cart away the packaging from your new appliance and recycle it (whenever possible). If you’d like to dispose of your old white goods or any other electronics, you will need to book a collection via our e-waste program for an additional fee. It’s easy to organise and your old appliance will be disposed of responsibly.

We safely disconnect your old gas or electric cooktop or oven (if applicable), inspect for damage and clean the area before your appliance installation begins. The appliance will be connected to power, and in the case of a gas cooktop or oven it will need to be connected to gas too. Your job may involve some other work such as installing a new power point, gas piping, minor cabinet work or installing an oven trim kit, for example. Our technician will take special care with all of the work and make sure your appliance is safely secured in place and everything is working exactly as it should before the job is complete.

If your appliance installation presents some unexpected challenges, that’s no worries! Simply ask us for a quote. Our white goods technician will finalise the prices of any extra work (if applicable) for sign-off before starting your installation. In Australia, we can only legally install an appliance if your existing electrical installation complies with State regulations. We can arrange for the installation to be brought up to standard if needed, however this will be at your own cost and arranged through tech2’s partner contractor. Your appliance installation date may need to be deferred to a later date, depending on the level of work required. Please note: Installation fees are non-refundable in the case that a gas and electrical installation upgrade is declined because it does not meet State requirements.

It’s not always possible to simply swap over the old appliance for the new one if they’re not the same dimensions or make – there may be some retrofitting required. If any additional work is needed, your technician will finalise the prices of any extra work (if applicable) for sign-off before starting your appliance installation. We will need to safely disconnect your old appliance (if applicable), inspect for damage and clean the area before the install begins. The appliance will need to be connected to power, as well as existing power or gas, in the case of gas cooktops. Your install may involve some retrofitting work, such as cutting a cabinetry hole for a dishwasher anti-flood hose protector, or even levelling your new appliance in some way. Other common examples of extra work may include installing new power points or ducting for a mounted dryer, installing an oven trim kit, installing complete new water lines, extra cabinet work, installing power circuits for ovens and/or running extension hoses for a dishwasher installation.

We’ll show you the basics once the job is done. Our technician will provide a brief demonstration of the main features of your new white goods for your kitchen or laundry and test the new appliance/s to make sure everything is in working order.


We’re committed to providing an outstanding customer experience and the confidence that our workmanship has been delivered to the highest standard. Our onsite installation services come with a 5 year warranty on all work completed, for your peace of mind.



Super knowlegeable and polite very understanding of my position being setting up new machine for my elderly mother including transfering family photos as well as setting the task bar with the icons she needed to use

8 months ago

My tech was very efficient and knowledgeable - and as I am a senior, very patient. I have no criticism whatsoever by using this service. Would have no problem using this service again.

8 months ago

Five stars on everything they've done for me and the highest recommendation. And what a great time for this level of support with lockdowns and lessons online for me as teacher

8 months ago

Tech2 is such a professional organisation. Houston was my Tech support and he very quickly understood my problem and solved it in a relaxed professional manner. I have been a customer for many years and Tech2 have never let me down, I would recommend them to anyone.

8 months ago

This team is lovely to talk to, very polite and reassuring and very helpful.
They smoothly take control of your machine and calmly iron out any problem without fuss. I would recommend them to anyway who can afford the service subscription.

8 months ago

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