Meet Amanda

Amanda Morgan, of Narangba Queensland, struggled with WiFi problems throughout her Brisbane family home for years. There were black spots, unexpected drop-outs and areas that the WiFi was unable to reach—even with a WiFi extender bought from her retail service provider (RSP). With a husband who was working at home, often on video conference calls just like her, and a son who was studying online, the family often found themselves sharing close quarters in the home office just to tap into WiFi that worked. Working from the patio was all but a dream! During numerous phone conversations with her RSP, Amanda was assured that there was no problem with their services. “We gave up, as speaking to these companies was excruciating,” she explained. In desperation she called tech2 to assess the problem.

“We gave up, as speaking to these companies was excruciating.”

Enter the solution

tech2 sent Mitch and Grant, two experienced telecommunications technicians, to Amanda’s home. They tested her wall plate, which initially had speeds of 25 megabits per second (mbps) download and 4 mbps for uploads. “We then went to the premises connection device (PCD) and found 2 things,” Mitch said, “An earth block with corroded copper from water ingress and scotch locks that were corroded as well.” Once those were replaced, a second test showed the home was now receiving speeds of 50 mbps download and 10 mbps upload on the side of the house. The team tested another wall plate in the house and found star wiring through an older corroded connection, which they were able to bypass. There was also poor WiFi reception towards the back of the house and patio area, with speeds of 20 mbps download and 4 mbps upload. A mesh system was installed and the speeds jumped to 40 mbps download and 7 mbps upload, providing improved coverage.

It was a “pleasant and positive experience”

Since the tech2 team diagnosed the problems and fixed the wiring in the home, Amanda’s family enjoy a much better service. They can be spread throughout the home and experience faster speeds and excellent coverage. Amanda can now work comfortably on the patio without interruptions. “The difference is amazing,” Amanda said. “We get fast, efficient coverage throughout the house and no drop-outs or black spots. The visits by the tech2 guys were short, they knew what they were doing. They went through a set diagnostic and testing process, then corrected the issues. There was no fussing or hours on the phone being passed from person to person. It was a very pleasant and positive experience.”

“The difference is amazing. We get fast, efficient coverage throughout the house and no drop-outs or black spots.”