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Getting your internet speed smart-ready

Published: June 24, 2020

Have you ever wondered if your internet is fast enough to support all your new smart technology purchases? It partly depends on your lifestyle and which devices you want to use regularly.

When you start clocking time on connected devices…

Some of the most popular smart technology items are smart speakers, sensors, locks, lights and garage doors. The good news is, if you’re using these items, a standard internet connection may offer all the speed you need. That’s because not all smart devices need lightning fast speeds to function correctly.

Let’s say you’re telling your Google Home speaker to play a song on Spotify or discover today’s weather. The command only involves sending a very small piece of data across the network or through the cloud in a quick burst. Similarly, when you ask Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights, the Echo will briefly use the internet to send the request to the smart bulbs. The light bulbs will then quickly use the internet to receive the message. While your voice speaker is always connected to the internet, no additional data is needed until the next command is given to turn off or dim the lights.

When you need to go smarter and full speed ahead…

Are you a heavy user of Netflix, Stan or other streaming services? Do you want to keep an eye on your home with smart security cameras or a video doorbell? If you use any technology that involves video streaming, you will need a fast internet connection that can keep up. While you can set your doorbell video camera to only record when it senses motion, it will still take a while to upload that data to the internet and then download it on your phone.

Our experts can check if your internet connection is adequate for the activities you’d like to run in your smart home. Whether or not you have fast internet, there are some things you can do to get the most out of that connection:

  1. Replace an old router if it’s more than five years old – the chances are, it’s built on old technology standards and can’t support fast speeds.
  2. Make sure your WiFi router is running efficiently – see our top ten WiFi tips (including information about proximity and interference), and which frequency band to use for your devices. Not sure how to get the most from your router? Contact us.
  3. Do an audit of your internet plan – is it fast enough for the demands of your household? You’ll want to make sure you’re getting bang for your buck with the current speeds offered by your internet service provider.

While these three tips above may come in handy, there are many other factors that can affect your internet speed and performance. If you’d like professional advice tailored to your household, we offer an in-home internet assessment where we can come straight to your doorstep and offer a personalised solution.