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The keyboard shortcuts everyone should know

Published: July 18, 2019

Let’s face it – overusing the computer mouse is a bad habit and not always the most precise or quickest way to get the job done. Whether you’re an avid multi-tasker or just looking to save the strain on your wrist, keyboard shortcuts can make a massive difference!

We’ve compiled the top 10 keyboard shortcuts you need to know on Windows and their Mac equivalents. They’re easy to remember and involve pressing just a couple of keys at a time! They will work across many different programs including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

1. Save

Windows: Control + S
Mac: Command + S

No one likes to lose hours of hard work! The quickest way to save a file is to use the shortcut key instead of moving your cursor to the ‘file’ menu in the top corner.

2. Copy

Windows: Control + C
Mac: Command + C

While you can highlight some text and right click on a PC (or Control + click on a Mac) then click ‘copy’, it’s much quicker to use the shortcut key with your left hand.

3. Cut

Windows: Control + X
Mac: Command + X

Often you may need to cut a paragraph of text in Word or a cell of information in Excel and paste it somewhere else. The easiest way to memorise this shortcut key is imagining the ‘x’ as a pair of scissors!

4. Paste

Windows: Control + V
Mac: Command + V

Once you’ve ‘copied’ or ‘cut’ something quickly, you can paste it just as easily using the shortcut key. These commands also work with files in Windows’ File Explorer or Mac’s Finder.

5. Undo

Windows: Control + Z
Mac: Command + Z

Made a mistake? No problem! Use the shortcut key to ‘undo’ it. You can do this as many times in a row as you need to.

6. Select all

Windows: Control + A
Mac: Command + A

Sometimes you just need to select all your data really quickly – to copy, move or delete it. This shortcut makes highlighting data a breeze. You’ll really notice how much time you save across a Word document spanning several pages.

7. Open a new document or window

Windows: Control + N
Mac: Command + N

Opening a new blank page or window is equally useful for Microsoft Office applications as well as web browsing. (Bonus tip: While using a web browser, if you’d rather open a new tab instead of a new window, substitute the ‘N’ for a ‘T’).

8. Open a selected item

Windows: Control + O
Mac: Command + O

This lets you open a previously saved file much quicker than the extra steps of moving your cursor to the ‘file’ menu.

9. Print

Windows: Control + P
Mac: Command + P

If your printer is connected and set up properly, you can print using a single command.

10. Bold, underline or italicise

Windows: Control + B (bold)
Mac: Command + B (bold)

Windows: Control + U (underline)
Mac: Control + U (underline)

Windows: Control + I (italics)
Mac: Control + I (italics)

You can make quick changes to the way text is formatted in Microsoft Office applications by highlighting it using the Shift + your arrow keys, and then following up by using one of these commands.

Bonus: Undo close

Windows: Control + Shift + T
Mac: Command + Shift + T

There’s so many useful shortcuts out there, it’s hard to limit it to 10! Ever closed a window or tab by mistake? You can recover it by using this shortcut!

Often some simple advice can save a lot of time in the long run. Maybe you need to change your default homepage, add a desktop shortcut or remove a program that’s no longer needed… whatever it is, why not chat to our tech experts today!