Hours of searching and I had no luck.
Then…….Thank you heaps Robert for finding my tax folder and getting me back on track. With minimum fuss and stress free for me. Great help and highly recommend.

Robert A

I would like to especially thank Xavier, Vince and Thomas for all working on my MS laptop. The screen was off and laptop would not start for over 2 weeks. It took some problem solving and all 3 gave good advice. Thomas the final technician in the puzzle looked at the notes from the team working on it and what other MS laptop users were experiencing and suggested I use the F3 key every second once I had turned on the computer. It worked straight away. As a result of the team’s work on my computer and Thomas making this final suggestion, my laptop is now working saving so much time as I use my laptop for work.

Thanks again for your brilliant support Tech 2 and special thanks to Xavier, Vince and Thomas.


When my computer wouldn’t start Phillip helped me take the data from my computer to start at the beginning – clean slate. After this was done Robert was very patient and installed all my data back on the computer and got it going again. He couldn’t not have been nicer with his approach to his task.

Norman L

Hi Shuvro, good morning.
Once again, thanks for all the support you have given me this morning. I do not know what I would do without you. You have always been kind, polite and very helpful to me with my problem with my Apple Computer.
God Bless you. Have a great day. Warm regards Norman.

Caroline T.

Kit has been delightful, informative, wonderful and solved my problems in a professional, efficient and courteous way. I have always been extremely with tech2, they have succeeded where the organisations have failed, could not be happier and always recommend them, Caroline.


Have received excellent service from Noor today, she has been extremely helpful and has done more than was asked. Very happy.

Susan U

Having had a re-set, my computer needed to have a huge amount of “stuff” re-installed on my computer. Phillip has been absolutely amazing. It has taken over 48 hours and he has remained cool and calm all the time, while being very professional and polite. I thank him enormously and praise him highly. Very, very many thanks Phillip.

Doug A

Great service as usual Sanjay was great the telephone survey page still did not work
thanks doug


Phillip from tech Support was amazing. He resolved a complicated issue with my Gaming Computer.

My computer had a dual video card processing system and ever since I have had this computer nearly 3 years, it has not been set properly for video editing. Phillip asked the right questions and fixed an issue I was not even really aware of.

The film editing I do demands the more powerful video card, and Phillip was able to go into the computer, install the necessary updates and set my system so it automatically detects which video card to use depending on the needs of each application.

Thank you for your patience Phillip and skill in doing this. He spent some time doing this until it was resolved and nothing was a trouble for him.

Dawn A

Top points to Masoumeh who was a very knowledgeable and helpful consultant. All issues were resolved in a polite and timely manner.

Thank you very much.

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