Oven  Installation

Get your new gas or electric oven professionally installed in your kitchen so it’s working perfectly from day one.

What happens on the day?

Track your tech
Once you’ve made a booking we will keep you in the loop every step of the way. You will get notifications about your tech’s ETA on the day of your appointment.
Install your Oven
We’ll unbox your new electric or gas oven, disconnect and remove the old unit, clean the area, install your new appliance, install the oven racks and connect your appliance to existing power and gas (if required).
Show you how to use it
Our technician will test your oven to make sure everything is working as it should and provide a brief demonstration of the main features of your new appliance.

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22 years
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Latest reviews

I have never had anything but excellent help from the tech2 people. They have saved me so much angst so often, not to mention time and money. Thanks heaps


The person who looked after my concerns displayed a most pleasant personality, very professional approach and eager to help. His offer to help with any other problems at any time was appreciated. He must be commended on his service


So pleasant and helpful. I have recommended you to others.


5 year
peace of mind warranty
on all work completed

Let's install your Oven!*

from $269

*This service is only available in Western Australia


We will safely disconnect your old gas or electric oven (if applicable), inspect for damage and clean the area before your oven install begins. The appliance will need to be connected to an existing power point, and in the case of gas ovens, an existing gas outlet. Your oven install may require installation of a power point, gas piping, minor cabinet work or installation of an oven trim kit. Our technician will take special care with all of this additional work, making sure your new gas or electric oven is safely secured in place with fixing screws and everything is working exactly as it should before the oven installation job is complete.

Whether you’ve booked for a freestanding or upright oven installation, we can help you get rid of your rubbish! On the day of your oven installation appointment we will cart away the packaging from your new gas or electric oven and recycle it (whenever possible). If you’d like to dispose of your old appliance or any other electronics, you have the option to do so via our e-waste program! It’s easy to book a collection for your old appliances and they will be disposed of responsibly.

If your electric or gas oven installation requires some extra work to get the job done, that’s no worries! Simply ask us for a quote. Our oven installation technician will finalise the price of any extra work (if applicable) for sign-off before starting your oven installation.
In Australia, we can only legally install an appliance if your existing electrical and gas connection complies with State regulations. We can arrange for these connections to be brought up to standard if needed, however this will be at your own cost and arranged through tech2’s partner contractor. An additional oven installation date may need to be deferred to a later date, depending on the level of work required.
Please note: Our oven installation fees are non-refundable in the case that a gas and electrical installation upgrade is declined because it does not meet State requirements.

It’s not always possible to for our oven fitter to simply swap over the old appliance for the new one if they’re not the same dimensions or make – there may be some retrofitting required, which will vary the oven installation cost. We will make sure that you’re fully aware of the final cost for your electric or gas oven installation upfront. If any additional work is needed, your technician will finalise the prices of any extra work (if applicable) and get your sign-off before starting your oven installation.

Turn your old tech into fresh meals for people in need

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