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*Tailored solution may require installation of extra equipment or cabling at an additional cost, however you are under no obligation to proceed with the solution.

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No. What you choose to do with our advice is completely up to you – there is no obligation to proceed with our recommended next steps. After your in-home internet assessment we’ll offer a custom solution to improve your WiFi experience – accompanied by a detailed quote (if the Boost Internet solution is complex and requires any additional costs). If the cause of the issue is outside your property, we’ll let you know how to address this with your phone or internet provider.

In the Boost Internet service we will comprehensively test the speed and quality of your network, focusing on the problem areas you told us about. We have experienced telecommunications technicians that can do much more than an IT support tech performing an Ookla test. The techs will not only test the WiFi signal throughout the home, but also check your connections at the building entry point, and lean on their extensive telco knowledge to assess your internet performance and connectivity. We will identify the source of the internet problem, whether it’s related to wiring, coverage, faulty equipment or something else, and point out a solution tailored to you. The results of the testing will be shown in a handy report afterwards.

If you want seamless video calls, WiFi everywhere, no more buffering and faster downloads – this service is for you! Our highly qualified internet technicians will assess and pinpoint the root cause of your internet or WiFi problems once and for all. You’ll get a handy report explaining the results of our test and we’ll point you in the direction of a custom solution. We can install that solution on the day or you can choose to think about it – it’s completely your choice!

In the Boost Internet service we are focused on solving problems within your property boundary. If your internet problem is due to an issue down the street or outside your property, repairing the associated infrastructure will fall outside of our legal authority. But don’t worry – we’ll provide you with the information you need to approach your internet service provider to report the issue. Then they’ll be alerted to the source of the problem and be able to proactively fix it.

As part of the Boost Internet service, we’ll offer a tailored solution to improve your WiFi and overall internet experience – or specifically address any particular pain points you may have. If it’s an easy fix, such as repositioning a modem, we’ll do it on the spot! For a more complex issue, we will provide a quote. For example, if you have a large house with thick concrete walls we may recommend installing a mesh WiFi network to provide better coverage throughout the home, or if you have an older house, we may recommend replacing some of the internal wiring that could have deteriorated over time.

When our technician visits your home for the Boost Internet service they’ll start the appointment by discussing the internet issues you’re experiencing. This could range from your download or upload speed being as slow as a snail, spotty video calls, WiFi deadspots or even difficulty connecting to your network. We specialise in addressing all these challenges and will make sure we focus on those problem areas when we test your network. We’ll also explain the root cause of the issues and provide a quote for a tailored solution – as in some cases, fixing it may involve you investing in upgrading your equipment etc.

Our extensive network of internet technicians are available in major metro areas right across Australia. We can come to you in one easy appointment that includes not only testing your internet, but installing or implementing a solution on the spot if you require it. When you book your appointment we’ll check and confirm that our service is available where you live.


We’re committed to providing an outstanding customer experience and the confidence that our workmanship has been delivered to the highest standard. Our onsite installation services come with a 5 year warranty on all work completed, for your peace of mind.



Super knowlegeable and polite very understanding of my position being setting up new machine for my elderly mother including transfering family photos as well as setting the task bar with the icons she needed to use

8 months ago

My tech was very efficient and knowledgeable - and as I am a senior, very patient. I have no criticism whatsoever by using this service. Would have no problem using this service again.

8 months ago

Five stars on everything they've done for me and the highest recommendation. And what a great time for this level of support with lockdowns and lessons online for me as teacher

8 months ago

Tech2 is such a professional organisation. Houston was my Tech support and he very quickly understood my problem and solved it in a relaxed professional manner. I have been a customer for many years and Tech2 have never let me down, I would recommend them to anyone.

8 months ago

This team is lovely to talk to, very polite and reassuring and very helpful.
They smoothly take control of your machine and calmly iron out any problem without fuss. I would recommend them to anyway who can afford the service subscription.

8 months ago

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