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  • Our Wi-Fi technician will set up a secure network and measure the wireless internet speed in three locations across your house. If there are any issues with your in-home Wi-Fi we’ll let you know how they can be fixed.

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If you’re planning on using a mesh WiFi system to enlarge the WiFi footprint across your home, you will need a modem router to make it work! The modem will provide the initial internet connection. From there, your mesh system will effectively amplify your WiFi signal and create wireless access points across your home. For example, if you’re walking from room to room with an iPad in hand, your tablet will select and connect to the strongest signal automatically. You won’t need to re-enter passwords as you’ll be connected to the same network in every room – it’s pretty smart.

Our internet technician will measure the wireless internet speed in three locations across your home. They will explain any limitations you may face with your WiFi connection in certain areas of your home, and what can be done to fix those issues.

If you have a larger home, particularly one with thick concrete walls or split over multiple levels, your WiFi signal may not go the distance! In this case we often recommend using a mesh WiFi system, in place of WiFi extenders, in addition to a modem router. Mesh systems enable your WiFi-enabled devices to connect seamlessly to one network as you move from room to room (WiFi extenders use separate networks and switching between them is a manual process). You can read more about the benefits of mesh WiFi here.

While a separate wireless modem and WiFi router will do the job, a “two in one” box called a “modem router” is quite common in most Aussie households. The combo option takes up less space and wires for a neat, clean look. You may be due for an upgrade, because if your equipment is more than a few years old we recommend replacing it to get the most from your internet connection!

We will recycle (whenever possible) the packaging of your new modem router, wireless modem or WiFi router on the day of your appointment. If you’d like to dispose of your old gear or any other electronics, you will need to book a collection via our e-waste program for an additional fee. It’s easy to organise and your electronics will be disposed of responsibly.

We get asked this one a lot! A box that connects your network to the internet is called a “modem” and a box that allows all your wireless (and wired) devices to connect to the internet simultaneously is called a “router”. You need both functions to connect your devices to WiFi and so, while some people have two different boxes, a lot of people just have one box that does both. Technically, that’s called a “modem router” but sometimes it just gets shortened to “wireless modem”.

We’ll connect your modem router, wireless modem or WiFi router to a nearby desktop or laptop computer’s ethernet port using an ethernet cable, ensuring you have fast internet. Our WiFi technician will also connect up to five wireless devices to your WiFi network.


We’re committed to providing an outstanding customer experience and the confidence that our workmanship has been delivered to the highest standard. Our onsite installation services come with a 5 year warranty on all work completed, for your peace of mind.



Super knowlegeable and polite very understanding of my position being setting up new machine for my elderly mother including transfering family photos as well as setting the task bar with the icons she needed to use

8 months ago

My tech was very efficient and knowledgeable - and as I am a senior, very patient. I have no criticism whatsoever by using this service. Would have no problem using this service again.

8 months ago

Five stars on everything they've done for me and the highest recommendation. And what a great time for this level of support with lockdowns and lessons online for me as teacher

8 months ago

Tech2 is such a professional organisation. Houston was my Tech support and he very quickly understood my problem and solved it in a relaxed professional manner. I have been a customer for many years and Tech2 have never let me down, I would recommend them to anyone.

8 months ago

This team is lovely to talk to, very polite and reassuring and very helpful.
They smoothly take control of your machine and calmly iron out any problem without fuss. I would recommend them to anyway who can afford the service subscription.

8 months ago

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