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Absolutely. We don’t just mount a TV on the wall – all our television setups include tuning and connecting your TV to other devices such as your Blu-ray player, gaming console, PVR and more. You’ll also get a handy folder that explains where each device is connected. Our TV technicians want to make sure your TV wall setup is picture perfect so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Your soundbar will be connected to your TV to enhance your audio experience (it really outperforms your in-built TV speakers in a big way). If you have extra components that are compatible with your soundbar, such as a gaming console or Blu-ray player, we would be happy to set these up for you at your appointment.

If you already have extra components that are compatible with your wireless speakers, such as a wireless bridge, we would be happy to set these up for you at your speaker installation appointment.

Yes, a cabled connection provides many benefits over a WiFi or wireless connection. Connecting your smart TV or gaming consoles via cable, for example, will bring increased reliability, faster speeds, less interference from other devices and prevent annoying dropouts. That’s one of the great benefits of our internet cabling service – this investment will ensure you’ll finally get internet you can rely on!

If you’re planning on using a mesh WiFi system to enlarge the WiFi footprint across your home, you will need a modem router to make it work! The modem will provide the initial internet connection. From there, your mesh system will effectively amplify your WiFi signal and create wireless access points across your home. For example, if you’re walking from room to room with an iPad in hand, your tablet will select and connect to the strongest signal automatically. You won’t need to re-enter passwords as you’ll be connected to the same network in every room – it’s pretty smart.

In some cases, we can extend your existing cable length using a “join”. However, in many cases, it’s more cost effective to replace the cable all together. This will make sure your data is not compromised in any way. During your internet cabling appointment we will test the strength of your existing cable and be able to advise what is best. We aim to deliver speeds of 1,000mbps (megabits per second) over cable and will test your existing cabling to ensure it is up to specification. All cabling is performed by Registered Cablers.

Absolutely. If this feature is available for your devices, and you have multiple wireless speakers in various rooms of your home, our service can include configuring different entertainment zones for playing your media content. We’ll show you how to control these rooms, zones or areas using the native speaker all on the day of your appointment. Easy! Multiple units can be set up to provide surround sound too – there’s all kinds of options available.  

We’ll determine the source of your slow WiFi or internet issue during our in-home assessment. There are many factors that come into play to achieve a good internet speed. Rest assured, we will send an internet technician who is a qualified telecommunications specialist. They can diagnose all types of internet problems and provide solutions, whether it’s due to your nbn internet connection, in-home wiring, your WiFi router or something else. Say goodbye to slow internet! 

We can certainly mount your soundbar on the wall, in the perfect spot underneath your TV, as part of our speaker setup service. It offers a nice clean look that we think is worth the investment for your soundbar setup!

We can certainly mount your soundbar on the wall, in the perfect spot underneath your TV, as part of our soundbar setup service. It offers a nice clean look that we think is worth the investment for your entertainment area!

Our TV technicians work in most major metropolitan areas across Australia. We’ll confirm we offer a TV installation service where you live when you book your appointment.

Yes! At your soundbar setup appointment, we’ll do a brief demonstration of the main features of your soundbar and the app, if applicable. Once your soundbar installation is complete you’ll get a handy folder showing how it’s all been set up for future reference.

Yes! We’ll do a brief demonstration of the main features of your wireless speaker(s) and the app, if applicable. Once your speaker installation is complete you’ll get a handy folder showing how it’s all been set up for future reference.

On the day of your TV wall mount or standard TV install appointment our TV installers will cart away your TV packaging and recycle it (whenever possible). If you’d like to dispose of your old TV or other electronics, you will need to book a collection via our e-waste program for an additional fee. It’s easy to organise and your old TV will be disposed of responsibly.

Yes. We will connect your dishwasher to the existing drain hose and power as part of the service. Our appliance installation specialists can take care of any extra work as needed, such as creating new electrical connections for an additional cost. Before we start the job you’ll be quoted on the final cost so there’s no surprises.

No. What you choose to do with our advice is completely up to you – there is no obligation to proceed with our recommended next steps. After your in-home internet assessment we’ll offer a custom solution to improve your WiFi experience – accompanied by a detailed quote (if the Boost Internet solution is complex and requires any additional costs). If the cause of the issue is outside your property, we’ll let you know how to address this with your phone or internet provider.

Our computer technicians are primarily based in Australia and offer remote IT support for just about any technical issue that can be completed over the phone or live chat – there’s no need to have a computer fixer come to your home – now that’s convenient! We provide all sorts of phone-based tech support for maintenance, data backups, virus removal, setting up wireless networks and much more. Just keep in mind that our IT services are 100% contactless and over-the-phone, so if your device is physically damaged or unable to be powered on (e.g. smashed screen, water damage etc) our computer technician won’t be able to inspect or fix those types of computer problems.

Yes! We know everyone has unique requirements and can tailor the home theatre install to your specific needs. Contact us and we can provide a quote for the custom home theatre setup you have in mind.

Absolutely – we’re here to make life easier for our customers. A mesh WiFi connection enables your WiFi-enabled devices to connect seamlessly to one network as you move from room to room. You can read more about the benefits of mesh WiFi here

We provide in-home installations in major metropolitan areas right across Australia. We’ll confirm we can perform a home theatre system installation where you live when you submit your booking.

Our tech support service is provided remotely over the phone, so no matter if you live in the city or the country, you won’t need to leave the comfort of your own home or “ask the IT guy down the road”. If you’ve got a software problem or need non-hardware related PC repairs and maintenance, we can do all the IT support remotely. Our computer technicians can securely log into your computer remotely, only with your authorisation, however you will need a reliable and strong internet connection for our computer fixers to do the work.

Yes, we cover all the bases, whether you’re looking for tech support for a Mac, PC or Chromebook! We offer remote IT support for all kinds of Apple products including Macbooks, iMacs, iPads, iPhones – plus Windows-based PCs, Android tablets and phones too. If you need IT solutions or a computer fixer on call, our tech support subscriptions offer incredible value. Your whole household will be covered all year round for any IT services you may need – for an unlimited number of devices!

Yes! We use experienced and fully certified cablers for our internet cabling service, and by law, they must be Australian Registered Cablers. Our workers maintain an open cabler’s license with ACMA. We have qualified telecommunications technicians that are fully versed with cabling, WiFi, the nbnTM network and all forms of current internet technologies.

Our audio visual installers work in most major metropolitan areas across Australia. We’ll confirm we offer in-home services where you live when you book your appointment.

Our audio visual installers work in most major metropolitan areas across Australia. We’ll confirm we offer in-home services where you live when you book your appointment.

Yes. Our home cinema installation specialists will connect all related speakers as part of your custom home theatre setup. As part of the service we’ll also connect other components to your TV and other devices, such as gaming consoles or a blu-ray player. At your installation appointment you will need to provide any brackets or stands for your speakers and TV, or we can provide a generic TV bracket for an additional cost.

As all TVs come in different sizes and weights, we recommend you purchase your own TV mounting bracket prior to the day of your TV installation appointment. You’ll want to make sure the TV mounting bracket is suited to the specs of your TV, so it can hang on the wall safely and securely. If you’re not equipped with a suitable TV wall bracket on the day we hang your TV, in many cases our technicians will have a universal wall bracket on hand that can be purchased for an additional cost. 

Absolutely. A tech2 technical support subscription covers you for an unlimited number of devices in the home, whether they are PC, Mac, Chromebook, Apple iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet. Just keep in mind that we offer remote technical support only, so if you’ve got a smashed phone screen or a water logged tablet, our computer fixers won’t be able to inspect or complete that work on your device.

Call our friendly team at our IT help desk from Monday to Sunday. Our computer technicians work all through the day and into the early evening on weekdays, weekends and public holidays to provide tech support for your computers, tablets, phones and peripheral devices such as printers etc. tech2 is Australian owned and operated, providing remote IT support services to the whole of Australia and New Zealand.

We’ll test the strength of your connections and be able to advise if the copper wiring needs replacing. If you live in an older house, it’s possible that the copper wiring has deteriorated over time. This is a common issue that could be due to damage from rodents, insects or simply aging. During your internet cabling appointment we can reconfigure your star wiring and replace any compromised cable.

In the Boost Internet service we will comprehensively test the speed and quality of your network, focusing on the problem areas you told us about. We have experienced telecommunications technicians that can do much more than an IT support tech performing an Ookla test. The techs will not only test the WiFi signal throughout the home, but also check your connections at the building entry point, and lean on their extensive telco knowledge to assess your internet performance and connectivity. We will identify the source of the internet problem, whether it’s related to wiring, coverage, faulty equipment or something else, and point out a solution tailored to you. The results of the testing will be shown in a handy report afterwards.

Yes, our TV installers do much more than simply mount a TV on the wall! During your TV install appointment we will connect your device to your existing WiFi network – just remember to have your login details handy – and you’ll be Netflixing in no time. We’ll run a speed test to confirm you have a strong, reliable internet signal in your TV room as well.

We can! Contact us in advance with the details and we can provide a special quote for your home theatre install. At tech2 we can do a wide range of comprehensive audio visual installations including multi-zone speaker systems, projectors and even commercial installations.

Our technical support services are extensive! When you call us you’ll reach a highly experienced, Australian based PC and Mac doctor to assess and solve your computer problems. Our computer technicians can tackle all kinds of tech support and troubleshooting – from virus removal, data backups and operating system updates, right through to Microsoft Office tips and more. The goal of our computer fixers is to eliminate the problem quickly and efficiently, so you can go back to enjoying your technology!

Our internet technician will measure the wireless internet speed in three locations across your home. They will explain any limitations you may face with your WiFi connection in certain areas of your home, and what can be done to fix those issues.

Give our friendly team a call on 1300 832 424. We’ll ask some questions and be able to give you a clear idea of what options are possible – if you have any doubt it’s important to contact us before your TV appointment. If the wall isn’t suitable for drilling our TV installers can conceal your cables in a conduit or explore other ways to neatly arrange them for a ‘clean look’.

Yes we can. Book an in-home assessment today and we’ll have an internet technician come to your place, assess the issue and present a tailored solution. Whether you go ahead with our internet optimisation solution is completely up to you, there’s no obligation to proceed!

Yes! Feel free to call our friendly team on 1300 832 424. Ask us about mounting ceiling speakers, installing a wireless sound system, home theatre wiring and all the things we can do for your speaker setup.

We recommend using the above tool, which is powered by Ookla, the industry standard in internet speed testing. Once you’re aware of the areas where you’re not getting a connection, or one that is very slow, we’d love to chat to you. We can arrange for an in-home assessment where a telecommunications specialist can visit your place and present a solution for getting your internet up to speed.

A full home theatre install isn’t for everyone. If you have a smaller room, a soundbar may provide all the audio power you need. If you look closely you’ll see that a tweeter and woofer are built into this sleek rectangular package. You’ll notice better sound quality than the TV’s inbuilt speakers and you’ll be a step closer to an immersive cinematic experience. We can set up a soundbar for starters and you can always add other speakers for your home theatre setup later.

If you have a larger home, particularly one with thick concrete walls or split over multiple levels, your WiFi signal may not go the distance! In this case we often recommend using a mesh WiFi system, in place of WiFi extenders, in addition to a modem router. Mesh systems enable your WiFi-enabled devices to connect seamlessly to one network as you move from room to room (WiFi extenders use separate networks and switching between them is a manual process). You can read more about the benefits of mesh WiFi here.

While a separate wireless modem and WiFi router will do the job, a “two in one” box called a “modem router” is quite common in most Aussie households. The combo option takes up less space and wires for a neat, clean look. You may be due for an upgrade, because if your equipment is more than a few years old we recommend replacing it to get the most from your internet connection!

If you want seamless video calls, WiFi everywhere, no more buffering and faster downloads – this service is for you! Our highly qualified internet technicians will assess and pinpoint the root cause of your internet or WiFi problems once and for all. You’ll get a handy report explaining the results of our test and we’ll point you in the direction of a custom solution. We can install that solution on the day or you can choose to think about it – it’s completely your choice!

We install all major brands, whether you’ve got an LG, Samsung, Fisher & Paykel or something else. Feel free get in touch with our friendly team and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about what’s possible! 

On the day of your appliance installation we will cart away the packaging from your new appliance and recycle it (whenever possible). If you’d like to dispose of your old white goods or any other electronics, you will need to book a collection via our e-waste program for an additional fee. It’s easy to organise and your old appliance will be disposed of responsibly.

We will recycle (whenever possible) the packaging of your new modem router, wireless modem or WiFi router on the day of your appointment. If you’d like to dispose of your old gear or any other electronics, you will need to book a collection via our e-waste program for an additional fee. It’s easy to organise and your electronics will be disposed of responsibly.

An IT support subscription with tech2 provides access to our experienced computer technicians 7 days a week, 362 days a year. You’ll get a wide range of IT solutions at your fingertips! Our computer fixers can help with setting up a new PC or Mac, tablet or phone and keeping it secure, connecting you to your WiFi network, data backups, network support, virus removal, installing apps, operating system updates, connecting your printer, scanner, digital cameras, general tips and tricks – basically tech support for nearly every situation for an unlimited number of devices in the home!

In the Boost Internet service we are focused on solving problems within your property boundary. If your internet problem is due to an issue down the street or outside your property, repairing the associated infrastructure will fall outside of our legal authority. But don’t worry – we’ll provide you with the information you need to approach your internet service provider to report the issue. Then they’ll be alerted to the source of the problem and be able to proactively fix it.

We safely disconnect your old gas or electric cooktop or oven (if applicable), inspect for damage and clean the area before your appliance installation begins. The appliance will be connected to power, and in the case of a gas cooktop or oven it will need to be connected to gas too. Your job may involve some other work such as installing a new power point, gas piping, minor cabinet work or installing an oven trim kit, for example. Our technician will take special care with all of the work and make sure your appliance is safely secured in place and everything is working exactly as it should before the job is complete.

No worries! If you’re looking for another option than a wall mount install we can perform a standard TV install, which also includes tuning your TV and connecting it to your other devices and WiFi. 

If your appliance installation presents some unexpected challenges, that’s no worries! Simply ask us for a quote. Our white goods technician will finalise the prices of any extra work (if applicable) for sign-off before starting your installation. In Australia, we can only legally install an appliance if your existing electrical installation complies with State regulations. We can arrange for the installation to be brought up to standard if needed, however this will be at your own cost and arranged through tech2’s partner contractor. Your appliance installation date may need to be deferred to a later date, depending on the level of work required. Please note: Installation fees are non-refundable in the case that a gas and electrical installation upgrade is declined because it does not meet State requirements.

Our prices start at $100 for Cat5 and Cat6 (industry standard) cabling under 15 metres. Do you need a long internet cable installed? No worries! We can inspect your home and provide a more detailed quote that will suit your internet applications in your home.

These online tools are 100% FREE. However, if you’d like us to come and assess your internet in person, and offer a solution, please book an in-home internet assessment service and an experienced internet technician will visit your home to get you on the right track.

As part of our internet cabling service, you’ll be able to position your wireless modem in the best possible location to enhance your in-home WiFi. Cabling also provides fast, reliable connections for compatible devices such as smart TVs, gaming consoles and computers. This is particularly helpful for media rooms and providing overall better performance for data-thirsty devices.

We can relocate, replace or re-terminate your existing wall plate and install a new one, depending on your needs. In some cases we may need to install a new outlet as well. Your telecommunications technician will advise you when they assess your internet cabling.

We can install a wide range of brands and models. Looking for an LG, Sonos, Samsung or Bose soundbar connected and working? Need help with Dolby Atmos speaker placement or a Sonos bridge? We can help with all your soundbar needs!

We can install a wide range of brands and models as part of our speaker setup service. Looking for a Sonos setup or Bose speakers connected and working? Need help with Dolby Atmos speaker placement or a Sonos bridge? We can help! 

As part of the Boost Internet service, we’ll offer a tailored solution to improve your WiFi and overall internet experience – or specifically address any particular pain points you may have. If it’s an easy fix, such as repositioning a modem, we’ll do it on the spot! For a more complex issue, we will provide a quote. For example, if you have a large house with thick concrete walls we may recommend installing a mesh WiFi network to provide better coverage throughout the home, or if you have an older house, we may recommend replacing some of the internal wiring that could have deteriorated over time.

When our technician visits your home for the Boost Internet service they’ll start the appointment by discussing the internet issues you’re experiencing. This could range from your download or upload speed being as slow as a snail, spotty video calls, WiFi deadspots or even difficulty connecting to your network. We specialise in addressing all these challenges and will make sure we focus on those problem areas when we test your network. We’ll also explain the root cause of the issues and provide a quote for a tailored solution – as in some cases, fixing it may involve you investing in upgrading your equipment etc.

It’s not always possible to simply swap over the old appliance for the new one if they’re not the same dimensions or make – there may be some retrofitting required. If any additional work is needed, your technician will finalise the prices of any extra work (if applicable) for sign-off before starting your appliance installation. We will need to safely disconnect your old appliance (if applicable), inspect for damage and clean the area before the install begins. The appliance will need to be connected to power, as well as existing power or gas, in the case of gas cooktops. Your install may involve some retrofitting work, such as cutting a cabinetry hole for a dishwasher anti-flood hose protector, or even levelling your new appliance in some way. Other common examples of extra work may include installing new power points or ducting for a mounted dryer, installing an oven trim kit, installing complete new water lines, extra cabinet work, installing power circuits for ovens and/or running extension hoses for a dishwasher installation.

These numbers indicate how many channels your soundbar has. A 2.1 includes a left and right channel, plus a subwoofer. Jump up to a 3.1 and you’ll a left and right channel, a subwoofer, plus an additional centre channel. A 5.1 soundbar features two side channels on the left and right, a centre channel and two rear speakers. The more channels you have, the better the audio quality is. Of course, you’ll usually pay a bigger price tag for a 5.1 soundbar and it will be physically larger to fit in all that extra power!

We get asked this one a lot! A box that connects your network to the internet is called a “modem” and a box that allows all your wireless (and wired) devices to connect to the internet simultaneously is called a “router”. You need both functions to connect your devices to WiFi and so, while some people have two different boxes, a lot of people just have one box that does both. Technically, that’s called a “modem router” but sometimes it just gets shortened to “wireless modem”.

We sure can. During our in-home internet assessment we’ll test the WiFi strength in all the key areas of your home where you want a strong WiFi connection. Our solution could include a mesh WiFi system to improve the coverage for all your devices, particularly if you have a large or multi-storey home.

Our extensive network of internet technicians are available in major metro areas right across Australia. We can come to you in one easy appointment that includes not only testing your internet, but installing or implementing a solution on the spot if you require it. When you book your appointment we’ll check and confirm that our service is available where you live.

WiFi dropouts or other internet problems can occur for a variety of reasons, and you might have no WiFi signal whatsoever! The good news is that WiFi troubleshooting is our expertise and we’ll figure it out! Do you suspect you have a poor internet connection at your home? Not sure how to achieve a good mbps speed (megabits per second)? Let us come to your place, pinpoint the issue and fix it!

We’ll connect your modem router, wireless modem or WiFi router to a nearby desktop or laptop computer’s ethernet port using an ethernet cable, ensuring you have fast internet. Our WiFi technician will also connect up to five wireless devices to your WiFi network.

Yes – this is included as part of your soundbar setup service. Just keep in mind that you’ll need an existing subscription and account with Spotify, Apple Music or another streaming service and it will need to be compatible with your device. You’ll also need to have an established WiFi network in your home. Simply provide your login details to your technician on the day of your appointment and we’ll make sure your streaming accounts will work with your setup.

Yes – whether you’re wanting a simple speaker or full sound system installation – we can offer this as part of your speaker setup. Just keep in mind that you’ll need an existing subscription and account with Spotify, Apple Music or another streaming service and it will need to be compatible with your device(s). You’ll also need to have an established WiFi network in your home. Simply provide your login details to your technician on the day of your speaker installation appointment and we’ll make sure your streaming accounts will work with your setup. 

We’ll show you the basics once the job is done. Our technician will provide a brief demonstration of the main features of your new white goods for your kitchen or laundry and test the new appliance/s to make sure everything is in working order.

On the day of your home theatre setup appointment we can remove your TV/home theatre system packaging and recycle it (whenever possible). If you’d like to dispose of your old electronics, you will need to book a collection via our e-waste program for an additional fee. It’s easy to organise and your old TV and gear will be disposed of responsibly.

Absolutely! We include tuning as part of the service, from TV right through to a full home theatre install. We’ll also connect other devices such as your blu-ray player, gaming console, PVR and more. You’ll get a handy folder that explains where each device is connected. We want to make sure your home theatre setup is picture perfect so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the show in your very own home cinema!


We’re committed to providing an outstanding customer experience and the confidence that our workmanship has been delivered to the highest standard. Our onsite installation services come with a 5 year warranty on all work completed, for your peace of mind.



Super knowlegeable and polite very understanding of my position being setting up new machine for my elderly mother including transfering family photos as well as setting the task bar with the icons she needed to use

5 months ago

My tech was very efficient and knowledgeable - and as I am a senior, very patient. I have no criticism whatsoever by using this service. Would have no problem using this service again.

5 months ago

Five stars on everything they've done for me and the highest recommendation. And what a great time for this level of support with lockdowns and lessons online for me as teacher

5 months ago

Tech2 is such a professional organisation. Houston was my Tech support and he very quickly understood my problem and solved it in a relaxed professional manner. I have been a customer for many years and Tech2 have never let me down, I would recommend them to anyone.

5 months ago

This team is lovely to talk to, very polite and reassuring and very helpful.
They smoothly take control of your machine and calmly iron out any problem without fuss. I would recommend them to anyway who can afford the service subscription.

5 months ago

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