4 ways to improve your home theatre audio

When you’re watching just about any film or TV show, the audio is often as important as the visuals. We’ve put together our top tips for getting the best out of your home theatre speakers – so you can make your room feel a lot more like the movies.

The keyboard shortcuts everyone should know

Let’s face it – overusing the computer mouse is a bad habit and not always the most precise or quickest way to get the job done. Whether you’re an avid multi-tasker or just looking to save the strain on your wrist, keyboard shortcuts can make a massive difference!

6 reasons a pro install is the smartest way

Many people get excited by the idea of saving some money with a DIY smart home solution. But sometimes there’s no substitute for leaving the smart installation to the pros! Here’s why: 1. It doesn't always work out of the box Smart home technology isn’t often as...

Five S’s of safe cyber surfing

Ever seen a warning message saying a site is not secure or accidentally clicked where you shouldn’t have? Cyber safety is something you may not think about too much, until it’s too late! Here’s five practical hints to keep you out of harm’s way when browsing the web.

The guide to smart home lingo

The tech world may seem like a jargon minefield at the best of times! We’ve demystified the smart tech language with a list of the 15 most common terms you’ll come across.

Keeping your kids safe online

Today’s plethora of online learning tools and information makes it easy to find the answer to nearly any question! So how do you protect young curious minds from being exposed to information and entertainment that isn’t age appropriate? We’ve compiled our top tips to protect your kids in the digital world where just about anything is almost a click away!

Making a smart home investment

Looking to buy or sell a home? Buyers’ expectations of standard features in a property are changing. They are starting to consider smart wiring, in-built smart home technology and internet connectivity, especially with the rise in devices connected to the internet.

6 ways to stay clear of Mac attacks

If you believe your Mac is completely bulletproof to cyber threats you may want to think again. The attacks on Mac operating systems are becoming more widespread as Apple products grow in popularity.