3 inexpensive AV tips that make all the difference

Published: August 5, 2021

Is your TV protected against a lightning strike? Do you suffer from glare on your screen? Is your coffee table covered in confusing remote controls? We’ve put together three practical and simple tips that can make a huge difference to your audio visual setup.

Get surge protection

So you’ve invested thousands of dollars in your home audio visual gear… but what if there was a random power surge, grid malfunction or a lightning storm? Get the peace of mind your devices are safe from shockwaves by ensuring they’re plugged into a high quality power board with surge protection (not just a power strip). Look closely at the specs when you buy your surge protector and you’ll notice they are rated in “joules”. This measurement refers to how much energy the protector can absorb – you should aim for a rating that’s at least 200-400 joules and replace your surge protectors every three to five years.

Get a universal remote

Is your coffee table covered in remote controls for your TV, blu-ray player, soundbar, speakers and all your home theatre devices? Beat the frustration of fumbling through each one by investing in a good quality universal remote control. This will allow you to turn on all the devices and select their inputs and outputs with just one press of a button. There’s something to be said for adjusting the volume, switching channels or pausing a movie quickly and seamlessly.

Get blackout curtains

Do you have problems with sun glare on your screen during the day? How about lights from the street or nearby neighbours at night? You can limit this light bleeding into your space using thick blackout curtains or opaque blinds, which will also add contrast and enhance black levels on your screen. Window coverings add sound dampening to improve room acoustics, reduce heat so your room is cooler in summer and help keep your entertainment space cosy and private.

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