3 tips for the best online gaming experience

Published: June 10, 2021

Your internet connection will ‘make or break’ your online gaming experience. Discover three principles to set you on the right track so you can enjoy the latest gameplay for years to come.

1. Get the best internet plan you can afford

We recommend having a broadband plan that is designed to provide speeds of close to 50 mbps or higher. This is not only in regards to having reasonable download speeds when you need it, but to give you the best live gameplay experience with other online players. In addition to nbn plans, there are many emerging alternatives offering superfast speeds at comparable pricing.

Poor internet performance can lead to lag, an interruption or glitch that makes your games slow and harder to play. It can also be linked to ping, which is the time it takes for your gaming device to send a message to the server of your game and get a response back. If you’re playing a shooting game for example, lag or ping issues are a huge disadvantage – they’re incredibly frustrating and unfair when facing opponents.

Don’t worry, our telecommunications technicians can perform an internet healthcheck at your home to make sure you’re getting the speeds you’re paying for! They’ll be able to advise you about troubleshooting your connection, whether you’re experiencing dropouts, need to increase coverage and reliability using a mesh system, or perhaps are suffering from dodgy wiring in your home. You may not even be aware of the reason but we’ll investigate and provide a solution!

2. Remember, your games may need to be downloaded

If you’ve purchased a new console, such as a Sony Playstation 5 (PS5), you will not be able to play your favourite game instantly, or for a really long time potentially, if it’s a digital download. You’ll also be downloading various updates and patches in the future. Today’s downloadable games appeal due to convenience, availability and continue to become more complex and content-rich. Their file size is becoming significantly bigger to fit in all the bells and whistles. This means it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re getting your internet plan speed.

A 90 gigabyte game may take you four hours to download if your internet plan is giving you 90mbps (megabits per second), but could take over twice that long if you’re getting around 45mbps download speed. If you’re transferring content from a PS4 to your newer WiFi-6 enabled PS5, you could still be waiting for many hours. A cabled connection will get you quicker results, which is just one benefit of Ethernet

3. It may be time to bring in the “cable guy”

There’s nothing worse than having slow downloads or your gaming experience ruined by a split-second delay during live play, but there is a solution… A wired (Ethernet) connection offers the best speed and reliability available from your internet connection. Here’s a few cabling tips:

  • Purchase the right length of cable. If your floor looks like a spaghetti mess then your cables are far too long, prone to getting tangled and not performing to their optimal capacity!
  • Keep the cables straight, not coiled. Wrapping your cables in circles puts strain on the wiring inside. This can cause performance problems and impact the long term integrity of your cable investment.
  • You can’t hide everything within walls or the ceiling. It’s impossible to truly conceal all cabling behind the structure of your home or under a hallway runner, but you can make use of cable sleeves, cable raceways and velcro cable ties to keep things neat and organised.
  • If all else fails, try a newer cable. Go for a Cat6 cable instead of an older generation Cat5, which not only has better specs but is less likely to have deteriorated due to age.

Need some help with your internet connection to give you a better online gaming experience? Book a tech2 in-home internet assessment to get started.

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