4 alternatives to dumping tech

Published: November 10, 2017

A wide range of electronic devices hit the market each year. While this is welcome news for tech enthusiasts, what’s hot this year can quickly become out-of-fashion. What is happening with all the outdated electronics and how can we can be part of the solution?

Every year we’re e-wasting away:

The upgrade cycle continues, and in many cases toxic materials are infiltrating the soil and groundwater in landfills, causing risk to the population.

Here’s four alternatives to dumping your e-goods:

1. Phone a Friend

Your tech trash could be someone else’s treasure. If you’re upgrading to the latest electronics, there’s a chance a family member or friend might appreciate taking your older technology off your hands. Or you can always donate to a charity like the Salvos Australia.

2. Trade Up

Some retailers like Apple and Telstra Australia allow you to trade in older products for a cash reward or credit for an upgrade program. This means your device might be refurbished with new components and resold. It’s a safe, no-nonsense way to get rid of your smart phones and computers.

3. Sale Away

Today’s plethora of e-commerce options like Gumtree Australia, eBay and Facebook Marketplace make it easy to sell online. If this isn’t up your alley, try Cash Converters, pawnshops or garage sales. Is your tech in perfect working condition? Kudos to you, that could make some quick cash! If it’s damaged don’t write it off just yet. Some people make hobbies out of fixing gadgets and might be keen on what you’ve got! And if it’s old tech… like vintage video games, it might just be collectable! 

4. Recycle time

Recycling is particularly useful if you believe your tech is broken beyond repair or obsolete. Up to 95 per cent of the materials in TVs, phones, batteries, appliances and computers can be reused or recycled. While Australia doesn’t have a national recycling program, some stores have electronics disposal or recycling bins and there are recycling bodies located all over the country. If you’re in Australia, check-in with your local council, call 1800 E-WASTE (1800 392 783) or run an online search. Recycling Near You by Planet Ark is a popular website for finding recycle options near your location. Got lots of batteries to offload? Check with your local library, as many offer a disposal service!

Have you got an old TV you need to get rid of? tech2 not only installs TVs but offers a TV disposal service for Australian customers for $99 (including GST) if you’ve booked an installation with us. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch.

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