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4 big reasons to keep your OS updated

Published: February 11, 2020

From time to time you may have received alerts reminding you to keep your operating system or software updated. If you click that “remind me later” button you don’t want to wait too long. We’ll explain why…

  1. You need protection from the latest threats
    Older versions of operating systems and software can develop system weaknesses or bugs over time. This means they have a lot of security flaws and are a big target for web related threats. The latest updates contain critical patches to address these vulnerabilities.
  2. You want to always keep your data secure
    Many people store a lot of personal information and important documents digitally. System updates help keep that data secure, so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands or get wiped away through malware! If your infected files are unknowingly shared with others, you can put them at risk too.
  3. You need to prevent any loss in productivity
    When systems aren’t kept up to date they can perform slowly, become unstable and even crash often. Ignoring warnings to update your system can be very costly, especially for businesses. On the other hand, keeping your operating system updated can sometimes boost the overall speed of your device.
  4. You get to access new features
    Operating system updates often contain new, handy features that replace the outdated ones. They can add convenience, efficiency or even enjoyment to completing everyday tasks. With these updates being free to download, who wouldn’t always want to have the latest and greatest?

Did you know you can set up automatic updates for your operating system? If you need help with any updates, including software, get in touch with our friendly Aussie-based techs.