4 ways to improve your home theatre audio

Published: August 22, 2019

When you’re watching just about any film or TV show, the audio is often as important as the visuals. We’ve put together our top tips for getting the best out of your home theatre speakers – so you can make your room feel a lot more like the movies.

Try a sound bar

When it comes to home theatre speakers, many people subscribe to “go big or go home”, but what if space is an issue? If you have a smaller room, a soundbar may provide all the power you need. If you look closely there are several speakers (tweeter, woofer etc) that have been efficiently packed into this sleek, compact rectangular package. You’ll experience much better sound quality than the built-in speakers on the TV and it will get you much closer to an immersive cinematic experience.

Avoid sub-par bass

Bass is designed to be felt more than heard. If you have a dedicated sub-woofer, its best position is on the floor and preferably in a corner. This way you’ll feel the satisfying low register vibrations with minimal rattles. The bass frequencies fare much better with the speaker placed away from and not sitting on a cabinet or shelf, otherwise it will probably cause your furniture to shake!

Separate multiple speakers

The best thing about the audio in a movie theatre is hearing dialogue and sound effects from different directions. By placing some distance between your smaller speakers, you’ll hear audio coming from the left, right and centre in a more realistic way. One neat, no fuss setup is placing two speakers on bookshelves to the left and right of the TV, giving a “stereo” experience while also providing somewhere to hide any messy cables or wires.

Consider speaker height

If you have a dedicated media room and want detailed “surround sound” you’ll not only need speakers in front and behind you, but you’ll want to look at their height in relation to where you’re sitting. Resting your speakers on the perfect piece of furniture or shelves may not always be possible, but speakers can be mounted on stands or on the wall. A typical six speaker setup would have a speaker at the front in the centre and to the left and right, two at the rear and a sub-woofer on the floor.

These tips are an introduction to home theatre audio. Our experts are fully versed in all aspects of audiovisual installations including cabling, mounting and getting the best from your unique entertainment setup. You can browse our professional tech services here.

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