6 reasons a pro install is the smartest way

Published: June 12, 2019

Many people get excited by the idea of saving some money with a DIY smart home solution. But sometimes there’s no substitute for leaving the smart installation to the pros! Here’s why:

1. It doesn’t always work out of the box

Smart home technology isn’t often as simple as plug and play. If you’re unsatisfied with your product and it’s not working as it should or worse, it’s sitting in a box on the shelf collecting dust, consider calling on the services of a licensed smart home technician

2. You need some one-on-one

No matter what brand you like, sometimes an instruction manual for a voice speaker, for example, doesn’t do the setup process justice, and it’s easier to be shown something in the flesh. A bit of personalised in-home education or advice from an installer goes a long way and can save you hours of frustration trying to connect your devices!

3. You’re a neat freak

You paid for it, so it should look good. Let’s face it, buying and installing new tech yourself can be a cabled nightmare and you may not have the best tools or skills for the work. Professional installers know all the tricks of the trade to hide wiring discretely and present devices in the best way possible. After all, smart tech is meant to look elegant and slot in seamlessly with your lifestyle.

4. Someone is more qualified

Controlling smart lights with an app is all fine and dandy until you need to control it manually with the wall switch. By law, you’ll need a fully licensed electrician to get the job done. They can install a wide range of smart home technology, such as controller devices behind light switches, with a peace-of-mind warranty on all work performed.

5. Your household needs customisation

A licensed professional can set up your smart home system to match the unique expectations and tastes of the members of your household. You’ll want an easy, intuitive interface with room to grow, whether you need to create different profiles, add extra devices further down the track or desire a hub to neatly bring it all together.

6. Smart tech is moving fast

Technology is always developing at a fast pace and this is no exception in the smart world. A professional installation guarantees you’ll tap into the knowledge of someone on the cutting edge of the latest smart trends. They know what’s fresh and relevant and will set you up so your smart tech is not only working right the first time, but lasts for years to come

A tech2 smart home installation offers peace of mind with a 12 month warranty. After the technician leaves, you’ve still got access to help whenever you need it, with ongoing over-the-phone tech support with a real person, not a smart home robot! Interested? Give our smart home experts a call.

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