6 ways to improve your video calls

Published: July 3, 2020

The video chat experience can make or break a promising conversation! As video calls become more common in everyday life, people have a growing need to represent themselves successfully in a digital sense. Our team have put together our top tips for participating in video calls well, whether you’ve got an important professional opportunity or are simply staying connected to others over long distance.

  1. Find a quiet spot
    Choose a peaceful location before starting your video call. Ambient noise can be distracting and dampen the vibe of your conversation – probably more than you realise. If you have kids around, you may want to shut a door or set up some boundaries for contact.
  2. Light up the room
    Set up your computer in an area with nice natural light or a space that is otherwise well-lit (no one likes the ‘dim dungeon’ look). If you’re sitting near a window watch out for screen glare and the sun’s movements casting unflattering shadows on your face.
  3. Dress for the occasion
    Let’s face it, generally the scruffy look and pyjamas isn’t going to cut it. Whether you’re working from home, attending a video job interview or having a casual chat with family and friends, present yourself on camera how you want to be seen.
  4. Learn how to mute
    If you need to cough or sneeze while someone else is talking, be courteous to them and tap the mute button on your audio. The mute button can be used to momentarily silence any unexpected noises from your side, like if the dog starts barking!
  5. Get WiFi you can depend on
    There’s nothing more frustrating than a buffering issue hijacking the flow of conversation. Consider setting up your computer where it can tap into a strong WiFi signal. If you have dead spots in your home there could be a number of factors at play – chat to our experts to learn more.
  6. Try ethernet for peace of mind
    While WiFi offers wireless convenience, if your computer is located near your router, have you tried connecting to the internet with an ethernet cable? You’ll get the fastest speeds in the house and free up your WiFi for other devices, like tablets and smartphones.

Consistent, reliable internet is very important these days – especially if you want to have video chats! If you’re experiencing buffering, WiFi dropouts in your home or your speeds are less than ideal, why not call on our experts to assess that connection and get you on the right track?

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