7 signs you need a new computer

Published: September 12, 2017

Love it or hate it – that computer has become as much a part of your life as your car. It needs maintenance, depreciates and the parts do eventually wear out. But when has your computer really reached the end of its life? What is giving you the green light to purchase that shiny new machine?

1. Computer says ‘no’ to software or OS

If your computer can’t handle a recent operating system or the latest office applications this is a BIG warning sign. If apps or media software are always crashing you may not have the specs to keep up those updates.

2. Space is at a premium

Maxing out your space? It’s got to happen someday. Hard drive capacity increases over time as file sizes, operating systems and programs keep getting bigger. It’s ok to have a bunch of external hard drives on your shelf, but a computer with higher specs may help store your programs, pics, docs and video content more efficiently! Just be sure to check your system requirements before shelling out coin on a new purchase.

3. It’s as slow as a snail

What you determine as a decent speed for your computer is pretty subjective. But if the components are overheating and you’re frustrated it’s not doing the basics… time to weigh up your options! Let’s say it’s still running super slow and you’ve already cleaned up the hard drive, run anti virus software and possibly reinstalled the operating system… then you may need a new computer. That spring clean just isn’t going to do it anymore.

4. Your machine is unusually noisy

Just like a car, an unexpected noise can be a bad sign. Although a little bit of fan noise is common in some computers, if it’s suddenly started making other weird clicking or scraping sounds, the hard drive could be failing, or worse.

5. It’s costing you way too much

Are your maintenance costs getting out of hand? You may spend more time troubleshooting then actually using your computer. If you’re not the kind of person that builds computers, upgrading various components as you go along, it might be cheaper and less time consuming to just buy a whole new computer altogether.

6. Your ports are ancient

You may have ports on your computer that don’t seem to fit any of your new devices and you’ve exhausted your workaround options. Changes in technology often means faster, smaller and more efficient connectors. This may not be the case with headphone jacks and USB but it can apply to other connector technologies.  Old machines won’t be able to deliver beyond a certain point, no matter how many adapter gadgets you grabbed off eBay!

7. The screen isn’t happy to see you

If your computer freezes and you see the infamous “blue screen of death” (PC) or “spinning wheel of death” (Mac), your computer needs a health check. Sometimes it means a driver or registry entry needs work, but in other cases it might be nearing retirement.

Is your computer looking a bit worse for wear? Call our tech experts for a health check!

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