All I want for Christmas is tech

Published: December 8, 2020

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and there’s “toys” in every store. The holidays might bring some new shiny tech under the tree from Santa, or you could be looking to snap up a great deal at the sales! Here’s a few tips to ensure you have a tree-mendous experience with your new devices from day one.

Install it right, or yule be sorry

We offer a wide range of in-home installation services to keep you smiling

New, bigger and better TVs have been flying off the shelves at Aussie retailers this year, with many people looking to make a “night in” (or “day in” for that matter) a lot more fun! Why not protect your new investment by having a professional safely deliver, unbox and set up your TV in your home? At tech2 we take care of the heavy lifting, connect it to your WiFi, speakers and more. We’ll even dispose of the rubbish so you’ve got less wrapping and boxes to deal with! Most new TVs are either thin and fragile or large and awkward to lift – or both. Ask us about how we can securely wall mount your TV for the ‘lean, clean’ look!

Treat yo’elf

If ’tis the season to make your home entertainment setup a bit more magical you might be thinking about a soundbar for the telly, new wireless or wired speakers to fill the house with music or even putting together that stunning home theatre system you always dreamed about. Our tech2 in-home technicians can set up all your new gear so it’s working exactly as you want it from day one! But wait – there’s myrrh… Need help installing a new appliance in your kitchen or laundry? We do whitegoods installations too!

Premium Support offers phone-based help for your devices

Don’t hold on for deer life

If you’ve got a technical issue with one (or more) of your new devices during the holidays, don’t put up with it! Our army of tech elves bring good tidings for your tech problems, and are working around the clock every day (closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day only). Simply call the team on 1300 788 071!

Did you know if you sign up for a Premium Support subscription with tech2 you can get unlimited tech support into the new year too? It will cover your computers, tablets and even your mobile against any tech-tastrophe that could come in 2021. Our subscriptions also make a great Christmas gift for a family member or friend who needs some “peace on earth”, at least for their technology!

WiFi… you sleigh me… no more!

Get an in-home WiFi assessment for smoother video calls

The holidays are meant to be that time when you put up your feet and relax. Whether you’re binging Netflix or trying desperately to have a merry video call with overseas family, there’s nothing more annoying than WiFi that doesn’t work. If you’re tired of running around the house, trying to get better coverage or a faster connection, we can help! At tech2 we can turbocharge your internet – we’ll visit your place, identify the root of the problem and have you on your way to more reliable internet almost as fast as you can say “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer”.

To find out more about how to get the most from your WiFi, check out our free eBook with a great range of tips!

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