Back it up, is your data safe?

Published: August 10, 2017

Losing precious data is one of the most devastating misfortunes of this digital age. And navigating the mind field of the latest specs for today’s storage solutions can seem larger than life. Once you start adding photos and videos, the space can fill up quicker than you imagined, so what’s the best data back-up solution for you?

Here’s some ideas to keep your precious data safe and sound… before it’s too late!

Driving a manual

You can manually copy your files to all kinds of storage devices. CDs, DVDs, USB thumb drives and external hard drives can all be a good pick depending on the job. The bigger the better, because the chances are space won’t be as much of an issue. You can always back up to a network drive on another computer if you’re connected to a network too!

Your auto mate

Technology can help you automate your data backups, just like other areas of your life. You can download free or paid programs that will allow you to choose what files you want backed up, when to schedule the task and where it’s being backed up to. Once the process is set up correctly you probably won’t have to think about it for a long time!

Time travel is real

Well it’s almost real if you’ve got a Mac. Apple’s Time Machine can be used for automatic or scheduled backups and even give you a nudge when you forget. Plug in a good sized external drive because it will make multiple copies over time, giving you the ability to travel back to dates when your files/folders were in a different state.

One for the history books

Windows’ File History is the Microsoft solution to keeping your files secure. When activated, older versions of your files are stored away, either on an external drive or network location. This tool offers that welcome second chance when you save or overwrite your document by mistake.

Ahead in the cloud

There’s all kinds of convenient online backup options on the market. Some of the popular picks are OneDrive (Microsoft), iCloud (Apple), Google Drive and Dropbox. Their starting packages usually shout you some free space and can be upgraded for a fee. Other cloud services, like CrashPlan+, Carbonite, Mozy, Backblaze and Acronis, have a yearly charge and offer a few extras, like scheduling tools.

Want to learn about how to back up or retrieve lost data? Give our Computer Support team a shout.

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