Does TV size really matter?

Published: October 18, 2017

The TV is a focal point of the modern living room, a place to unwind and bring the family together for that movie night or favourite show. That’s why choosing the right TV size for your room is something you just need to get right.

TVs are available in almost any size you could want. But no matter how much you like the idea of “bigger is better”, you’ll need to be realistic with the size of your space. Will a gargantuan eyesore of a big black screen overshadow all the other furniture in your room? You may have cabinets or shelves to work around too. That said, your most challenging hurdle will probably be budget as you’ll be limited by what you can afford!

Screening your options

If you sit too far away from your TV you’ll miss all the details! Obviously, the greater back you sit, the littler it seems. The best rule of thumb for selecting your TV size is how far you’ll be comfortably be sitting from it on an average day.

While the HDTVs of today have great detail, so you can sit closer to them… you still don’t want to be too close, especially if you’ve got a really large TV. They’re simply not designed for that and if you do, the image can appear pixelated or unclear.

This is where you want to pay attention to screen resolution. Low specs can really make a difference when you’re playing games or watching cable TV or Blu-rays on a large screen. 720p might look reasonable on a screen less than 40”, but if you jump up to 50”, you’re going to wish you had gone with 1080p (also known as “full HD”)!

Angling for results

Is your TV at eye level while you’re watching? You’ll want to check your viewing angle when planning where the new TV is going to go. Viewing from a sharp angle won’t only hurt your neck, but the image isn’t going to look the best. In an ideal world, the TV should sit parallel to your eyes. If you look no more than 15 degrees up or down and around 40 degrees left or right, it should be easy to see.

The numbers game

Is there a formula for working out my ideal screen size? Maybe. It can be subjective as everyone’s usual watching conditions could be different. So what do TV sizes actually mean? When you look at a 60” TV, that’s the diagonal measurement between two opposing corners and it’s usually described in inches. If we are using inches as a point of reference, there are 12 inches in a foot. If you’re sitting 10 feet away, that’s 120 inches. Divide it by three. You’ll get 40 inches, your ballpark recommended screen size.

There are all kinds of “formulas” being suggested for TV viewing. Can rules be broken? Of course they can. The answer lies in your personal preference – how much you want to be immersed in your entertainment experience and what makes you feel comfortable.

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