Five reasons why you need a smart hub

Published: November 5, 2018

A hub is the heart of an efficient smart home network. Want your smart home tech working together to give you the lifestyle you want? This impressive device should be on your list!

1. Access everything in one place

A hub is a smart home command centre with a single app to control lighting, appliances, security, home entertainment, energy management and automated blinds. The My Nero app found in the tech2 installed Nero ecosystem has a neat interface for remote control using your smart phone or tablet, iOS or Android. You’ll be able to set the mood and ambiance of your home from anywhere, anytime and access advanced features like scenes and geofencing.

The My Nero app

2. Talk the smart talk

It’s possible your connected devices speak different languages. A professionally installed hub, often called a bridge, can be a translator so the various parts talk to each other effectively. Take your living room, for example. With Nero you can use your Google Home or Amazon Echo smart speaker to turn on your home entertainment system and adjust the lights, blinds and fan for maximum comfort, by simply using your voice.

3. Set and forget

The fun part of a hub, once set up correctly, is that it can create a completely automated home that reacts to your every move. Once a qualified electrician from tech2 has installed hardwired modules for your Nero smart environment, your home can come to life as you walk in the door – lights in various zones turn on, music starts playing and the security system is put into sleep mode. Automate and schedule tasks – even set your home to “go to sleep” when you do.

4. A sense of occasion

A hub can use sensors to deliver environment information to your smart phone or tablet. Nero multi-sensors allow monitoring of light levels, temperature, humidity and ultraviolet rays so you can trigger events based on the readings. Set your automated blinds to lower when the temperature in that room becomes hot. Enjoy the safety of automatic dimmed lighting as a sensor detects you walking down the hallway late at night. Have peace of mind when you’re away too – security sensors notify your smartphone or multiple users if a window or door is opened!

5. Upgrades optional

A hub can be used to transform any home whether it’s a new build, renovation project or retrofit. The Nero system can be upgraded with extra modules, as needed. Additional universal dimmers can be installed behind your existing light switches to provide smart control of your LED downlights. Relay modules can enable switching of electrical devices, such as lights, fans and appliances. All these functions, with the help of a hub, can take your smart lifestyle into the future.

The Nero hub and modules

A professionally installed Nero hub, exclusive to tech2 partner Schneider Electric, can merge your lifestyle and technology in a way that is seamless and functional. Imagine your place looking like a standard home with all kinds of hidden technology that makes life easy and fun. Contact us to get started!

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