Five S’s of safe cyber surfing

Published: April 15, 2019

Ever seen a warning message saying a site is not secure or accidentally clicked where you shouldn’t have? Cyber safety is something you may not think about too much, until it’s too late! Here’s five practical hints to keep you out of harm’s way when browsing the web.

Stop before you click

Always use common sense before clicking on any link. Not sure where it leads? Try rolling your cursor over the link (it will show the destination in the bottom left of your browser). Only click the download button on websites you trust, such as official app stores or reputable organisations, like your bank

See “S” for secure

If you’re asked to enter personal information on a web page or make an online payment, check out the website address in the top of the browser. Make sure it starts with “https” (it also shows a padlock icon) to confirm there is a secure connection. The end of the address can also indicate if you’ve stumbled across a hoax company (for example, is fine versus is NOT fine).

Sidestep those pop-ups

Are you greeted with annoying pop-up messages, especially advertising? Be wary on clicking the links as they may be targeting you with malware. Luckily many web browsers have a handy pop-up blocker option in their settings (as well as other security features).

Set software up to spec

When was the last time you updated your web browser to the latest version? Software updates not only improve bugs but also have security improvements to protect you from new threats discovered daily. Set your browser to auto-update when a new version is available, by following online instructions for browsers such as Google Chrome, or ask our tech-xperts how we can provide ongoing help with a Premium Support subscription.

Stay immunised

Lower your risk online by installing anti-virus software on your computer and follow our cyber security tips here. If you believe you’ve already been infected with a virus, here are some of the common signs – the good news is, we have a virus removal service! Give us a call on 1300 788 071.

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