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Getting great WiFi for the holidays

Published: November 26, 2020

Everyone needs great WiFi, and the holidays are no exception! There’s no better time to get the most from your internet connection so you can put your feet up to watch Netflix, have a smooth video call or simply get better WiFi for a new tech toy this Christmas.

Get dependable, strong WiFi for a shiny new gadget

Portability for tech is key and WiFi provides all kinds of flexibility… when it works the way it should! If you’re expecting (or gifting) a fancy new gadget under the tree you wouldn’t want to be let down by an internet connection that isn’t dependable and strong! These days many people love to roam around their homes with their mobile and smart devices doing all kinds of things. It’s super convenient to quickly send an email from the iPad, slot in a few minutes for some online shopping using the laptop, or perhaps control Spotify for the wireless speakers with an iPhone in hand. When you’re roaming around the house with WiFi enabled devices, you’ll need great coverage everywhere in the home, because let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than a weak signal or WiFi deadzone. If your WiFi is spotty or lacking in “oomph” so to speak, our experts can turbocharge your internet.

Watch a Christmas flick without buffering

Have you ever seen the “spinning wheel of frustration” on your screen while streaming a movie or TV show? It always seems to happen during a really important moment or scene doesn’t it? Plus, if you’re in the middle of “date night” or “family movie night” it can ruin the atmosphere pretty quickly! Unfortunately many people have accepted that “suffering from buffering” is just the way life goes… But there is hope this season – if you’re desperately trying to get decent WiFi for your smart TV in the home theatre, upstairs bedroom, the main lounge or the kids’ rumpus out back – we can help. Our WiFi experts can test the connection throughout your home and point out solutions for how you can keep the whole family happy with Netflix (or whatever you use) that actually works as it should.

Keep in touch with loved ones far away

If you’ve got family and friends interstate or overseas, you’re probably very familiar with some of the video call apps out there. You’d also know they all need a good internet connection or the image on screen becomes blurry, pixelated and just unflattering in general – and don’t get us started on how bad the audio can sound! Great WiFi changes that. You could be relaxing on the balcony, perched in the study downstairs or chilling out in the back lounge room and still get the connection speed you need for great video calls – all it takes is a tech2 in-home internet assessment and you’ll be on the path to getting WiFi that is both fast and reliable throughout your whole home.

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