How geofencing can make life easy

Published: September 13, 2018

We’ve all left lights on, a door unlocked, an appliance running or forgotten to turn on the alarm system at some stage. It would be nice not having that sinking feeling ever again, but how is it possible?

Geofencing is a hands free feature that makes a home truly smart. Imagine a virtual geographic boundary around your property. As you enter or leave that perimeter, your home can do exactly what you want it to without a second thought!

It’s nice controlling your house from your tablet or smart phone – what if you don’t need to touch those devices at all? Geofencing means lights, security and more can be triggered by your smart phone as it sits in your pocket.

7 most common uses for geofencing:

  • Working late tonight? Imagine the secure feeling of your outside lights turning on as you enter the driveway.
  • Don’t like fumbling for your front door keys or light switches in the dark? A “scene” can automatically turn on multiple lights inside and outside your entry way, and even unlock the door when you arrive home.
  • Out of milk? Your smart fridge might send you a push notification as a reminder when you next pass the supermarket.
  • Not sure if your kids arrived home safely after school? Set an alert when they walk through the front door so it’s one less thing to worry about.
  • Too cold or hot outside? Set your home to switch on the heater or air conditioner when you leave the office, so your home is toasty in winter or cool in summer when you need it to be.
  • Leaving or arriving home in a rush? Arm or disarm the home security system and your video surveillance automatically when you’re a certain distance from the front door.
  • Want an energy efficient solution for everyone in your household? Set up “coming home” actions to turn on lights when the first person arrives home or “away” actions for when the last person has left.

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