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How smart is your TV?

Published: August 27, 2018

Smart TVs have taken the good ol’ tube to a whole new level in recent years, opening up all kinds of multimedia and entertainment possibilities. With all the smart things they can do, it’s no wonder they have dominated the retail shelves since hitting the mainstream!

Unlocking the power of home automation

A TV becomes “smart” by connecting to the internet, either through an ethernet cable (for most consistent results) or a built-in Wi-Fi receiver. For the latter they can be used in any room of your house, depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. Newer models may interact with other technology in your home too, for example smart thermostats and lights, via tablet or voice control.

Boost with apps

Almost every major TV brand has their own smart TV operating system and layout of apps. Like a smartphone or tablet, you can download apps from a respective app store to check the weather, news and social media. You can even download fun little games without the need for a gaming console. While the TV remote isn’t as fun as a gaming controller, it can still do the trick for a casual, simple game.

Surf the web

Even with a generous sized computer display, you might find that your wide screen TV is just that much bigger and better to look at. You wouldn’t do productivity tasks like word processing or writing emails on a smart TV but it can still be used a lot like a computer. Many people are using them to browse the internet or do online shopping. Just don’t expect it to be as easy to type and point, as you won’t be using a tangible keyboard and mouse!

Stream entertainment on demand

The most noticeable plus of a smart TV is being able to stream ad-free movies, music, live radio and TV shows from iTunes, Netflix, Stan, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and more. While some of these services require a paid active subscription, you won’t require any extra hardware to make it happen. Do you have a “dumb” TV? Make it smart by plugging in a third party device such as Foxtel Now, Google Chromecast or Apple TV. Want better audio for an immersive experience? Our technicians install sound bars!

Our audiovisual technicians install TVs, audio and home theatre systems in metropolitan areas across Australia. At the end of the set-up process we walk customers through the basics of their technology and connect it to their existing Wi-Fi. We even dispose of the packaging so you don’t have to! Contact us to tailor a solution for your home tech needs and to book your appointment today!