In touch with ‘virtual’ reality

Published: May 30, 2018

Intense, inspiring, interactive… these are words attempting to describe the next generation of 3D technology. A new wave of virtual reality (VR) devices has hit the mainstream, stimulating the senses with realistic audio and stunning visuals. It’s interactive tech that is more affordable and less specialised – we’re not just talking about a novelty!

At tech2 we’re aware of the benefits of new technologies like VR, and interested in seeing the wider applications continue to develop:


Interactive artistic installations and simulations of fantasy and other-worldly environments


Immersive experiences for the study of botanical and animal biology, including travel to exotic locations


Life sized blockbuster entertainment that triggers complex emotions and perceptions far beyond conventional cinema or home theatre


The thrill of fully participating in fictional narratives that are impossible in the real world


Training surgeons for complex operations, allowing numerous risky scenarios to be explored artificially without consequence


Fitness training using omni–directional treadmills, gloves and/or other equipment to hone skills and measure progress

VR continues to grow in popularity with a rising amount of “mobile” and “tethered” options on the market. The tethered VR is often used by gamers, which involves connecting to their powerful PCs using cables. With the mobile VR headsets, there are no cables required and all hardware is built-in. Just slide your compatible smartphone into the shell and look through the lenses.

SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

tech2 had first-hand experience using virtual reality technology during the 2018 SuperFoiler Grand Prix across Australia. A 360 degree camera on board the tech2 “Red Flyer” high speed sailing machine captured the manoeuvres of the crew during the racing. It was loaded into mobile virtual reality headsets and shown to spectators at the event. While the race footage provided thrilling entertainment, it also documented useful captures of the sailors’ technique to assist them with reviewing their performance.

At tech2 we provide phone-based support for a wide range of technologies including computers, tablets and other peripheral devices – for 362 days a year! Need help setting up your digital camera or safely storing your photo and video footage? Get in touch with us!

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