Keeping your technology physically clean

Published: July 1, 2021

We depend on smartphones, laptops and tablets every day for working, personal admin and having fun – but how often do we clean them properly? Regularly cleaning the shell of your devices will not only save wear and tear so they look shiny and new, but it can also prevent germs and bacteria. Read on to discover basic advice for keeping your technology physically clean.

Use cleaning products designed for electronics

Screen cleaning for starters…

Everyone wants a clear picture for enjoyable viewing. A quick screen clean can work wonders for all kind of devices in the home, whether your tablet is covered in smudges, your laptop has lost its shine or your kids have placed sticky fingerprints all over the TV. Make sure you buy dedicated screen cleaner products such as the ones available in electronics stores. These products consist of alcohol-based sprays and wipes or cloths designed specifically for your electronics.

Note: Always avoid soapy water or general-purpose cleaning agents for this purpose as they can cause damage.

Clean your screen using three easy steps:

  1. Turn off your device and allow time for it to cool down.
  2. Apply a few sprays of your specialised cleaning solvent to a microfiber or lint-free cloth (not a towel), making sure you avoid spraying directly onto the electronics themselves.
  3. Gently wipe your screen in a circular motion until the ugly marks are gone and the screen looks as good as new.
Clean your devices with a microfibre cloth

More wiping to go a step further…

How many hours a day are you touching your smartphone? A screen protector and case on your phone or tablet will protect your device from most scratches and possibly some drops, but not germs. Periodically you can rub an alcohol-based (not soaking wet) disinfectant wipe over your device and immediately dry the excess residue afterwards with a microfibre cloth. You can do the same for a computer keyboard, TV remote control and more – keeping these daily workhorses squeaky clean. Be sure to properly wipe down your desk, table or the various areas where your devices live too.

Stay on top of your dusting

Dust removal to go to the next level…

Gently dusting off the exterior of your devices is an important part of regular maintenance. Dusting off your TV the old fashioned way is one thing, but do you suspect dust or crumbs have fallen under a keyboard or inside your computer itself? You can remove the little nasties by carefully spraying a can of compressed air into those hard-to-reach places. Various handheld devices can also accumulate debris and dust, especially inside the ports. You can try using a paperclip or toothpick to gently clear out the ports on your smartphone, for example, if it gets blocked with lint.

Important: Please consult a professional and/or check with your manufacturer before trying to clean the inside of your devices as any attempt to dissemble or tamper with them has risk and may void the warranty.

Regularly clean your devices so they last longer

Physical cleaning is just the beginning…

If you want your TV up off the ground, mounted on the wall for a “clean look” and your cables neatly out of sight, reach out to our Technical Services team. There are also many ways to ensure your various devices are clean and tidy that go beyond the “physical”. If you need malware removed from your PC, your computer’s data backed up so it’s safe and sound, or operating system updates to keep your Mac computer running smoothly, get in touch with our Aussie-based Technical Support technicians.

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