Making a smart home investment

Published: January 25, 2019

Looking to buy or sell a home? Buyers’ expectations of standard features in a property are changing. They are starting to consider smart wiring, in-built smart home technology and internet connectivity, especially with the rise in devices connected to the internet.

Here’s five drawcards of a smart home from a buyer’s perspective.

A smart home has that “wow” factor

Smart home features offer an edge over other properties with comparable specs, especially amidst a competitive market. Buyers may be tempted with fun automation functionality for their home entertainment area including automated blinds and atmospheric lighting. Who wouldn’t want a “scene” to tell their security, lights, music and devices like a smart TV to do exactly what they wanted all at the same time?

A smart home has longevity

If a home is already “smart”, the buyer is less likely to have to invest their money into bringing it up to date. They will enjoy the lifestyle benefits of a “home of the future”, including energy savings and hassle free automation, for years to come. Most smart home tech is modular too, meaning they will have the option of adding extra smart features further down the track.

A smart home is a valuable asset

Market research by Statista indicates that 8.9% of Australian homes have smart home technology installed (as of 2017). They predict this will increase to 34.3% by 2021. Home appraisers are considering the added value of built-in smart home technology, whether it’s for energy efficiency, entertainment, climate control or security, just as they would for solar panels or an automatic garage door.

A smart home is a timesaver

Time is precious. If you moved into an apartment complex or strata title with gardening services as part of the package, you’d be thinking about how much time you’d get back on weekends. Built-in smart home automation, coupled with voice assistants like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Sonos One or Apple Homepod, can help with all kinds of little things – and when that time adds up it can be pretty significant!

A smart home is safer

Homes equipped with smart security and advanced safety features are very appealing to buyers. Cameras can detect break-ins and help keep watch on a property from anywhere with an internet connection. Forgot your keys? Smart locks means no pricey locksmith bills when you get locked out. Smart smoke alarms can detect harmful gasses, smoke, fire and other threats. A safe home is important to pretty much everyone, from buyers purchasing high end properties to renters looking for added peace of mind.

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