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Monthly data: 3 things to think about

Published: November 13, 2018

At tech2 we provide remote support for three devices, but where would you be without your precious data allowances? With many lifestyles becoming more digital and data-dependent every day, we’ve put together our top three tips for assessing how much you really need.

No place like home

While your smart phone or tablet contract may include a monthly data plan, it’s often not as economical as using the data from your household internet. If you’re not out and about, consider tapping into your home Wi-Fi. You’re more likely to stay within your monthly data limit and avoid getting charged extra. If you exceed your limit on a fixed line internet connection you may only be penalised with slower speeds temporarily until your new monthly billing cycle begins. We also recommend periodically checking the usage and charges on your current and old bills – it will give you an idea whether it’s time to review your plan.

Power users beware

Are you a heavy internet user at home? Or are you only using your devices for email, social media, web surfing and the occasional Skype? Your household might be ok with 50GB per month. Do you also enjoy music streaming, online gaming and some YouTube? Perhaps go with 100GB per month or more. Is your household also streaming TV and downloading data-hungry entertainment such as movies and games? We believe you’ll need at least 500GB per month to play it safe, especially if there’s a few people living in your household!

Pushing the limit

A number of service providers offer a monthly plan with unlimited data for peace of mind. Having internet as plentiful as electricity can seem very tempting! Before you sign the dotted line do your research and compare other options on the market. Some providers have handy online calculators to help you estimate your data usage before signing a contract. If you don’t need data beyond a certain amount, why pay extra?

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