nbn FAQs

Published: September 5, 2017

There’s bound to be some frequently asked questions as the nbn team and delivery partners work tirelessly to connect Aussies to fast broadband.

Here are some answers for customers from the standpoint of a tech2 telecommunications sub-contractor.

What if I don’t want to access the nbn?

Don’t worry, you’re not paying for this visit. You will only need to pay if you choose to connect to the nbn in the future.

What kind of internet speeds can I expect under the nbn?

It depends on a few things like which plan you choose, so get in touch with your internet service provider (ISP) and they’ll be able to give you the heads up about what service speeds to expect.

Why are we getting this technology (FTTN/FTTP/HFC) instead of something else?

nbn choose the most appropriate technology for the area. It’s generally based on what will give the best results for the lowest cost to the taxpayer.

When I call my ISP, what if they tell me to call nbn or vice-versa?

Your best options are still to try talking to the ISP or nbn Co, as they’re probably the only ones that have the full picture about the supply of broadband services in specific areas.

Who is the best ISP for providing nbn broadband services?

There’s a number of great options out there but it depends on what you want to use the internet for. Different companies cater to different kinds of users, so it’s best to chat with a few ISPs to determine the right solution for you.

Why is my service slower than ADSL2+?

It can be hard to pinpoint the reason so it’s best to ask the ISP to find the source of the problem. The speed could be slowed down due to the equipment in a home, a cable running to the premises or even the hardware at the ISP.

When is my property getting installed with nbn?

It’s not part of a current job.The nbn is a huge project with many different companies working on the rollout. Numerous houses on a street may be assigned for a tech2 install, while other addresses may not appear on the list if they’re being connected by another group.

After nbn infrastructure is installed on my premises, what happens next?

Your next step is to contact your ISP of choice, who will set you up with a plan and connect you to the nbn service.

Although a tech2 sub-contractor may not be able to answer every question about the nbn, they’ll do their best to share as much as they can with customers. To learn more about nbn technology, check out www.nbnco.com.au

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