Smart “scenes” to be believed

Published: August 16, 2018

What if your security, lights, music and devices all did exactly what you wanted simultaneously? One of the top advantages of a smart home is using multitasking modes called “scenes”. This basically means your smart home can perform a series of handy tasks all in a row.

A series of custom automation functions can be created to suit your lifestyle. You may want these scenes set for certain times of the day, or have actions triggered by sensors.

7am, Good morning

Internet radio or your music playlist is your wake up call, bedroom and bathroom lights gradually get brighter, a smart plug turns on your coffee machine for your morning brew… make it easier to get ready in the morning

8am, I’m heading out

Lights and audiovisual devices turned off, automated blinds closed and security system activated… ready for the daily routine at work or school

6pm, Welcome home

Driveway and garage lights on, TV set to show the evening news, heating or cooling activated, security system disarmed… put up your feet at the end of the day

7pm, Dinner

Kitchen lights turned on for preparation and clean-up, dining area lights dimmed and speakers playing gentle music, perhaps the gas fireplace turned on too… set the perfect atmosphere

10pm, Good night

Main indoor/outdoor lights turned off, other lights near bathrooms dimmed, automated blinds close and security system bedtime zones activated, heating or cooling set to the ideal sleeping temperature… rest easy

Midnight snack…

A dimly lit pathway to the kitchen turned on so you don’t stumble down the hallway or stairs in the dark… keeping you safe and comfortable

Saturday night party

Outdoor pathway and front door lights turned on, security system off, music playing throughout the house and courtyard, coloured lights set to showcase water features or artwork… focus on the food and drinks

Time for a vacation

Energy saving features turned on, appliances and audio visual devices turned off, security and surveillance system activated, automated blinds and lights set to random so your house appears occupied… leave your worries behind

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