Top 4 questions about smart plugs

Published: September 26, 2018

Looking for an easy way to make your home smart? By placing a compact “smart plug” attachment into your standard AC outlet or power strip in your home, and connecting your devices into the socket, you are well on your way to a smart lifestyle!

If you’re looking to make the switch, we’ve put together answers to four of the top questions most customers ask.

Which devices work best with a smart plug?

When set up properly, a smart plug can turn appliances and electronics on or off remotely. Think about items you use on a daily basis like an iron, kettle, hair straightener or floor fan. If you forgot to turn them off before you arrived at work, just pull out your smart phone and it’s controllable via the manufacturer’s app. Alternatively, you may have other items you’d prefer to turn on or off at specific times to suit your lifestyle, like a radio or coffee machine for that morning wake up call.

When should I use a smart plug for my lights?

There are three main ways to control lights in a smart home. Are you wanting to turn on and off floor and table lamps with inexpensive bulbs? In this case a smart plug is a cost effective solution, with the benefit of being able to control other devices too. Are the lights in your room operated by a wall switch? In this case you’ll want an electrician to install a smart switch to make life easier. Would you like light bulbs that change colours, dim and create different atmospheres? Smart light bulbs are outstanding for this purpose. Why not use a combination of all three?

Can smart plugs help me save money?

Smart plugs are a cost effective way to upgrade your appliances, lighting and electronics. You can make a “dumb” device connect to Wi-Fi without having to replace it entirely with a new smart one. If you’re concerned about the environment or saving on energy bills, some smart plugs offer the ability to monitor power usage or how long your device has been powered on during the day. You can also set your devices to turn on or off on specific schedules to save energy and money.

Can smart plugs work without an app?

You’ll probably want to set up most features for your smart plugs using the manufacturer’s app so you have simple control with the swipe of your finger. But many smart plugs are also compatible with voice activated speakers, making it even easier to control your appliances in handsfree mode. They can often be set up with scenes and geofencing too. For example you may want a “coming home” or “away” scene that turns lights on or off when you reach a certain distance of your home.

Is it time to get plugged in? Get in touch with our smart home specialists and we’ll show you the ins and outs of how to get the most out of this technology.

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