Wall mount – yes or no?

Published: October 24, 2017

So you’ve finally saved up for that new flat screen TV and now it’s time to think about where it’s going to fit!

‘The bigger the better’ philosophy of TV purchases these days has made TV mounting solutions a hot topic. It’s probably the reason why you might be scratching your head about how that 60” screen is going to blend in with the furniture in your living room.

Is wall mounting possible in my room?

Wall mounting looks tidy, can save space and lifts the screen to a comfortable viewing height. But there are some things to consider before you jump the gun. Putting those four bolts into the wall to hold the bracket is not always as straightforward as it seems. The construction of your house can really make or break your entertainment space.

Your type of wall material will determine if your cables can be hidden inside. Double brick and cement walls are fine, but single brick will not allow for the cables to be concealed within the wall. When drilling into chipboard, the bracket needs to be anchored on a stud otherwise the weight of the TV could cause it to fall to the floor. Some people would like to hang a TV over a fireplace, which is ok if it’s an old gas or coal fireplace no longer in use. It’s very important not to drill holes into the chimney of a fireplace that is currently operational!

Read more in our article of how to pick the right wall mount.

Where are your other devices going to go?

Any other components (e.g. blu ray player, cable boxes, game consoles, sound bar) will need to live close enough for the cords to reach the TV outputs. There are several ways to do this but some of the most common include a floating shelf, stand alone cabinet or even a bookshelf. It’s worth thinking about where these cords will go too, not just the ones from the TV!

Keep the feet, just in case…

If you choose the wall mount option, we suggest tucking away those handy feet in the garage or shed for the time being. This means if you ever change your mind it’s possible to use the cabinet mounting method sometime in the future.

Speaking of cords, how do I hide them?

Don’t forget that the placement of cords from all your various devices can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your TV installation. In some cases your cords can be installed inside the wall by a professional. Other options include having a power outlet installed behind the TV to hide those dangling cords. If neither of these are an option, a cord cover or cord hiding kit can help camouflage external cables so they are less conspicuous. Most people would agree it’s best to avoid the “TV tail” where possible!

What if I can’t or don’t want to mount my TV on the wall?

Maybe your wall isn’t strong enough or made of the right material for drilling a bracket. Or perhaps you are renting a home and the landlord isn’t keen on putting holes in that newly repainted white wall.

Don’t worry. Your screen can still sit comfortably on top of a cabinet or stand, with cords, cable boxes and gadgets alongside it. The ports on your TV may even be easier to reach from the extra breathing space.

Kicking it old school is not so bad. It means it’s easier to shift the TV later, whether it’s moving house or just changing your layout. The best thing is, you haven’t drilled into the wall.

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