Test my internet speed

Want to check your internet is up to scratch?

You can use this speed test tool to check the internet optimisation (cabling and signal) in various rooms of your home. Before you get started, simply move your portable device, such as your mobile, tablet or laptop, to the area you want to test.


We’ll determine the source of your slow WiFi or internet issue during our in-home assessment. There are many factors that come into play to achieve a good internet speed. Rest assured, we will send an internet technician who is a qualified telecommunications specialist. They can diagnose all types of internet problems and provide solutions, whether it’s due to your nbn internet connection, in-home wiring, your WiFi router or something else. Say goodbye to slow internet! 

Absolutely – we’re here to make life easier for our customers. A mesh WiFi connection enables your WiFi-enabled devices to connect seamlessly to one network as you move from room to room. You can read more about the benefits of mesh WiFi here

Yes we can. Book an in-home assessment today and we’ll have an internet technician come to your place, assess the issue and present a tailored solution. Whether you go ahead with our internet optimisation solution is completely up to you, there’s no obligation to proceed!

We recommend using the above tool, which is powered by Ookla, the industry standard in internet speed testing. Once you’re aware of the areas where you’re not getting a connection, or one that is very slow, we’d love to chat to you. We can arrange for an in-home assessment where a telecommunications specialist can visit your place and present a solution for getting your internet up to speed.

These online tools are 100% FREE. However, if you’d like us to come and assess your internet in person, and offer a solution, please book an in-home internet assessment service and an experienced internet technician will visit your home to get you on the right track.

We sure can. During our in-home internet assessment we’ll test the WiFi strength in all the key areas of your home where you want a strong WiFi connection. Our solution could include a mesh WiFi system to improve the coverage for all your devices, particularly if you have a large or multi-storey home.

WiFi dropouts or other internet problems can occur for a variety of reasons, and you might have no WiFi signal whatsoever! The good news is that WiFi troubleshooting is our expertise and we’ll figure it out! Do you suspect you have a poor internet connection at your home? Not sure how to achieve a good mbps speed (megabits per second)? Let us come to your place, pinpoint the issue and fix it!

Internet Troubleshooter

You can also use the speed test in conjunction with our Internet Troubleshooter tool. This FREE tool will ask you targeted questions to uncover potential problem areas for WiFi speed and coverage in your home. Upon completing the Internet Troubleshooter questions you’ll get sent a FREE personalised internet report with advice and tips… it will be delivered to your email inbox instantly!

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