It’s no secret that smart home solutions are transforming how Australians live, with voice activated speakers, smart lighting scenes and more. Today’s luxury products are set to become mainstream technologies of the future. Let’s blue sky for a moment…

An entertainer’s delight, done right

Home entertainment will be a lot more fun. Your favourite songs will play throughout your home in any room or multiple rooms. Your blinds and lights will respond to your preferences as you watch a movie. Having guests over? You’ll be able to let them in remotely through your front gate or door – forget leaving the kitchen during your final food and drinks prep time!

Your home will be in safe hands

You’ll be less likely to lose sleep or worry while on trips away. This will be made possible with motion detecting security cameras and sensors, secure keyless entry for your family members and your alarm system switching on or off automatically, based on how far you are from home.

Staying comfy without a second thought

Advanced thermostats, timers and sensors will inform your air conditioning, heating, blinds and fans about how or when they should operate. If the outside temperature changed, you wanted the perfect temperature set in time for walking through the door, or simply needed everything switched off automatically when you left the house – it’s all possible.

Saving energy for what’s important

Hydronic, otherwise known as “underfloor”, heating will warm your feet on those chilly mornings and evenings before or after work. Concerned about rising utilities bills? You’ll keep an eye on electrical, gas and water usage in your home anywhere, anytime, using an energy management app.

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