What’s the difference between a 2.1, 3.1 and 5.1 soundbar?

These numbers indicate how many channels your soundbar has. A 2.1 includes a left and right channel, plus a subwoofer. Jump up to a 3.1 and you’ll a left and right channel, a subwoofer, plus an additional centre channel. A 5.1 soundbar features two side channels on...

Can you show me how to use my new soundbar?

Yes! At your soundbar setup appointment, we’ll do a brief demonstration of the main features of your soundbar and the app, if applicable. Once your soundbar installation is complete you’ll get a handy folder showing how it’s all been set up for future...

Can you help with mounting a soundbar to a TV?

We can certainly mount your soundbar on the wall, in the perfect spot underneath your TV, as part of our soundbar setup service. It offers a nice clean look that we think is worth the investment for your entertainment area!

What kinds of soundbars can you install?

We can install a wide range of brands and models. Looking for an LG, Sonos, Samsung or Bose soundbar connected and working? Need help with Dolby Atmos speaker placement or a Sonos bridge? We can help with all your soundbar needs!